Auditions will begin at 2 pm April 13 & April 14

Scot / Tenor I: Approx. Vocal Range: D – Bb (F#); Very Strong Falsetto –sings the very high Beach Boy-style ‘wah-oohs’ throughout the show. Plays live acoustic guitar on “Used To Be.” Sings lead/secondary on: “Hot Rod Queen,” “Mother Road,” “Used To Be,” “Beep Beep,” “Truck Stop Cutie,” “The Long Red Line,” “Diesel On My Tail,” “The Little Old Lady From Pasadena,” “Hey Little Cobra.” 

Andy / Tenor II: Approx. Vocal Range: C – G (Db); Also Strong Falsetto – sings the falsetto parts when Scot is singing lead. Sings lead/secondary on: “Every Woman I Know,” “Mother Road,” “Tulsa Straight Ahead,” “Long Tall Texan,” “Don’t Haul Bricks On 66,” “Dead Man’s Curve,” “GTO.” Plays the waitress in “Truck Stop Cutie.

Brandon / Bari-tenor/Bass: Approx. Vocal Range: (A) B – E (with strong G); Sings low trucker songs, many solos in tenor range. Sings lead/secondary on: “Let’s Go For A Ride,” “Girl On the Billboard,” “Beep Beep,” “Rolaids, Doan’s Pills and Preparation H,” “Gallop to Gallup,” “Diesel On My Tail,” “Highway Patrol,” “SS 396.” 

Michael / Baritone/Bass: Approx. Vocal Range: G – F; Vocally sings bass line, most solos are in bari-tenor range.  Sings lead/secondary on: “Bring My Cadillac Back,” “Used To Be,” “Six Days On The Road,” “Oklahoma Hills,” “Truck Drivin’ Man,” “Don’t Haul Bricks On 66,” “King Of The Road,” “Move Out Little Mustang.” Plays the little old lady from Pasadena.

Any Age, Any Size, Any Race, Any type person Tall, Short, Skinny, not Skinny includng men and women as either can be used. This is a VOICE AUDITION only for at least 2 able to sing TENOR and 2 able to sing BARITONE. More will be cast if we feel we need to. You must be able to hold your part by yourself in a strong style as the show is ALL music no dialogue and it is tight harmony.. We will work out the personalities of your characters once cast and then we will stick to that personality throughout the show.

There will be MOVEMENT but not strict dance choreography. I am looking for a minimum of 4 people who can horse around and have fun with each other and bring the audience into the fun they’re having.