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2023 Auditions


DISASTER! The Musical
Audition Information
Country Theatre Workshop
April 2, 2023
1:oo PM

Callbacks following initial auditions

We are so excited to bring Disaster! The Musical to the CTW stage June 15-18 and 22-25.

Who should audition? The short answer is YOU! The longer answer is that Disaster! Includes a
large cast of adults (ages high school and up) plus one younger performer. Character
descriptions are below.
When are auditions
? April 2, 2023 at 1:00 PM. We will have callbacks immediately.
What if I can’t make the April 2, 2023 auditions? Contact Director Gina Greene
( to submit a video audition. Video auditions are due NO LATER than
March 31, but the sooner the better in case we want additional lines or music sent.
How do I prepare? First, review character descriptions and fill out the online audition form.
Second, prepare for the vocal and acting auditions...but also have the mannerisms of your
character(s) in mind and be ready for a cold read in callbacks.
Is there a lot of dancing? This is a physical comedy musical but not a lot of true dance
numbers. In most cases, the choreography will fit the performer and not the other way around.
However, Shirley, Jackie, and Professor Ted all tap dance. Even if you have never tapped but
can keep a basic rhythm with your feet and are willing to learn, you will be considered for the
Will there be dancing at the audition? There will be a short piece for everyone. A video will be
posted prior to auditions, but we will also review the dance at auditions. Shirley, Jackie, and
Professor Ted will also need to tap for auditions. For most performers, dance proficiency will not
be a deciding factor.
When are rehea
rsals? Rehearsals will begin sometime after April 11 depending on cast
schedules. Rehearsals will generally be Monday-Thursday, 6-8:30 pm. It is important to include
all conflicts so we can create a rehearsal schedule that honors everyone’s time.
I have more questions...who do I conta
ct? Email Gina Greene (
DISASTER! The Musical
Audition Information
Country Theatre Workshop
April 2, 2023
1:oo PM

Callbacks following initial auditions

Vocal Audition Pieces
Chad: Hot Stuff (Measures 9-30), Without You and Sky High
Marianne: I Am Woman and Sky High
Scott: Hot Stuff (Measures 9-30)
Jackie: When Will I Be Loved? and I Will Survive
Tony: Don’t Cry Out Loud
Ben/Lisa: When Will I Be Loved?
Levora: Come to Me
Professor Ted: Sky High
Sister Mary: Never Can Say Goodbye
Maury: Still the One
Shirley: Still the One
Wealthy Man: Three Times a Lady
Ensemble: Hot Stuff (Measures 70-78)

Acting Auditions

Chad: p. 3-4, 30-32, 85, 120-121
Marianne: p. 30-32, 48-49, 120-121
Scott: p. 3-4, 64-65
Jackie: p. 15-18, 117-119
Tony: p. 15-18, 21-22, 116-119
Ben/Lisa: p. 15-18, 117-119
Levora: p. 34-35, 67
Professor Ted: p. 5, 21-22, 117-119
Sister Mary: p. 10-12, 34-35
Maury: p. 10-12, 48-49
Shirley: p. 10-12, 48-49, 64-65
Jake: p. 5, 120-121
Ensemble Roles: p. 30-32, 67

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