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Weeknight show time is 7:30 pm

Sunday Matinee at 2:00 pm

Doors open 30 Minutes before performance


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Charlotte's Web
June 1,2
Directed by Kellee Ward
Tickets Reservations are available by mail.
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Fern Arable- Jessica Silfies

John Arable-Lehi Murry

Martha Arable- Madison McTaggart

Avery Arable- Ferns Sister-Katelyn Wells

Homer Zuckerman- CJ Murry

Edith Zuckerman- Dolly Murry

Lurvy- Aaron Greene

Wilbur- Marisa Clark

Templeton- London Clark

Charlotte- Megan Schippert

Goose/Fair Barker- Lydia Mustered

Gander/Fairgoer- Eli Maulding

Sheep/Judge-Vanysah Hickman

Lamb/Fair Announcer-Annika Greene

Reporter/Fairgoer-Savannah Reed

Photographer/Fairgoer-Taylor Bright

Owl/Fairgoer-Piper Scheffer

Bat/Fairgoer- Ella Rogers

Uncle/Townsperson-Noah Bennett

Judge-Official/Townsperson- Elliana Jonsson

Charlotte’s Babies/Farm Animal/Townsperson/Fairgoer:

Hudson McTaggart & Charity Murry

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