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Drinking Habits

Character Descriptions

The Play is set in the convent of The Sisters of Perpetual Sewing Set in America in the 1950’s -1960’s.


The age range listed with each character is just a suggested age-range. It does not mean that the actor does not have to be within that range.


Mother Superior - 40-50’s. Runs the Convent of The Sisters of Perpetual Sewing where she has trained her two resident nuns (Sister Augusta & Sister Philomena) to sew as fast as 20 nuns. Won’t allow any word pertaining to alcohol to be uttered, instead it must be referred to as “Satan’s bath water “or any similar euphemism. When Rome decrees insignificant convents be closed, she suspects one of the new arrivals is a spy sent to report back to Rome.


Sister Augusta - 20-50’s. Both Sister Augusta & Sister Philomena have worked together making & selling “grape” juice for years, Sister Augusta has her work cut out for her keeping the secret from Mother Superior, especially when two new nuns arrive and one of them looks to be a spy from Rome.


Sister Philomena - 20-50’s. The convent is the only life she has ever known. Willing to save the convent at any cost she conspires with Sister Augusta to keep the doors open. Her only problem is she can’t lie, all she does is stutter.


Sister Mary Catherine - 18-30. An orphan raised by the church, now sent to the convent by Cardinal Redding to finish up her training, Sister Mary Catherine pretends to be a Nun when she really is a Novice. Knowing she will be sent back if they find out, she is wracked with guilt but determined to make The Sisters of Perpetual Sewing her life.


Father Chenille - 40-50’s. Priest at the local Parish, an amateur magician. Terrified Rome have sent “Father Paul” to take over his parish.


George - 18-30. Sweet & gentle young man, the groundskeeper for the convent, ready to do anything to help Mother Superior and Father Chenille and the sisters.


Paul - 18-30. Raised in a Catholic Orphanage Paul is a bit scared of Nuns, Working with his ex-fiancé & reporter Sally, (who he still loves) they sneak into the convent to find out who is making the towns Award Winning Wine. Now he’s been roped into impersonating a Father, spying for the Mother Superior and surprises everyone turning up as the Cardinal Redding.


Sally - 18-30. Reporting is her life; Sally is out to get the front-page story of her career. Nothing will get in her way of a good story – not even her wedding day! Previously leaving Paul standing at the altar to chase a lead on a story, Sally and he have been teamed up to find out who has been making the award-winning wine

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