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Cast List


Chad: Thomas McMahon

Marianne: Rachael Dexter

Scott: Gared Thrush

Jackie: Jayne Henrichs

Tony: Tyler McMahon

Ben/Lisa: London Clark

Levora: Jordyn Ward

Ted: TBD

Sister Mary Downy: Kena Clark

Maury: Brian Zecher

Shirley: Elyse Bulla

Ensemble (Jake the bodyguard, Wealthy Husband, Wealthy Woman, Cook, Traci, Blind Woman, models, etc. Parts to be determined before read through):

Diane Johnson

Addison Lewis

Chris MacDonald

Baylor Cluver

Paige Mayotte Peters

Jax Gray

Wendy Shelquist

Payton Anderson

Jim Shrove

Annika Greene

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