Auditions are 1 pm on April 13th  If you cannot make this time please contact Melissa Goldman to set up another time. 

CARLENE TRAVIS  a no-nonsense gal with a dry wit

NITA MOONEY  a very sweet and simple country woman

MAVIS FLOWERS brusque but likeable, droll sense of humor

CRYSTAL HART  daffy and lovable, never met a costume she didn’t like. Should be able to sing well
SUGAR LEE THOMPKINS  vivacious and dramatic

BUNNY SOUTHERLAND  upbeat and seemingly pleasant with an ever-ready smile, she is the passive-aggressive self-proclaimed social arbiter of Eden Falls

BOBBY DWAYNE DILLAHUNT, rugged good looks, with a self-deprecating sense of humor and a charming manner

PORTER PADGETT , a good-hearted, gregarious blowhard who doesn’t know when to shut up. He speaks louder than most people. No one enjoys his humor more than he does