Corie Bratter- female 17-23. Corie is young and in love. Having been married for 6 days everything is perfect, until it isn’t. She is an optimist who wants everyone to be happy at all times. 


Paul Bratter- actor 17-28. Paul is a young lawyer. He loves his wife and he loves the law. Being the realist of the group he wants to make his wife happy and feels the best way to do that is to be successful in his career field. 


Mother- female 38-50. Ethel Banks is a high strung woman. She knows what she wants and is willing to use whatever manipulation tactic needed in order to get it. Although she loves her daughter, Corie, she feels the need to apologize for her daughters eccentricities. 


Victor Velasco- male 40-60. Victor is the eccentric of all eccentrics. He is a man on a mission and that mission is entertainment. He pushes people out of their comfort zone. He finds joy  in the most mundane tasks. 


Telephone Repair man- male 20-40. A sarcastic, hardworking man. He hates the Bratter’s and their apartment. 


Delivery Man- male or female of any age. Delivers packages to the Bratter apartment.